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What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty, commonly known as nose surgery or a 'nose job', is a surgical procedure in which the nose is reshaped to restore harmony and balance to facial features.

Individuals may be interested in rhinoplasty for a wide variety of reasons. Whether due to heredity, prior surgeries, or physical injury, patients interested in rhinoplasty often feel that the size or shape of their nose is not in proportion with their other facial features. The desire to change the contour or proportion of the nose is quite common. Rhinoplasty has become a much sought after cosmetic surgery. Reasons to undergo rhinoplasty can include the desire to:

  • Reduce or increase the overall size of the nose
  • Change the size and shape of the tip of the nose
  • Alter the shape of the bridge of the nose, for example, to smooth out bumps
  • Narrow the width or base of the nose
  • Fix nasal asymmetry
  • Change the angle between the nose and upper lip
To learn more about rhinoplasty in Vaughan, Richmond Hill, and the Greater Toronto Area, call Madronich Plastic Surgery and Laser at 1-877-508-1148 or contact us to book a consultation.

Rhinoplasty has a very high patient satisfaction rate. Patients often find that, due to its prominent nature, alteration of their nose can help to minimize self-consciousness and improve self-esteem. When done by a skilled and experienced surgeon, changes to the size and shape of the nose can result in a more natural looking balance of facial features, with no signs of cosmetic surgery.

In addition to altering the external appearance of the nose, breathing problems related to internal nasal structures can often be corrected with a septoplasty procedure. Septoplasty can restore or enhance breathing abilities by correcting functional abnormalities. With an experienced surgeon, cosmetic and functional changes can often be addressed in a single surgery.

Rhinoplasty should only be performed by a qualified plastic surgeon—a medical specialist who has completed a minimum of five years of training in surgery following medical school. Plastic surgeons require a high level of surgical skill, excellent aesthetic judgment, extensive knowledge, and years of practice.

Finding a certified plastic surgeon that you feel is right for you is an important part of the rhinoplasty process. As with any cosmetic surgery, it is important to research your options and know your surgeon’s professional qualifications. Patients considering aesthetic surgery should have the opportunity to discuss their expectations and options in depth with their surgeon.

Dr. J. Robert Madronich

Dr. J. Robert Madronich

Dr. Robert Madronich is a Toronto Plastic Surgeon and a member of the Canadian Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons. He holds double board certification with both a Plastic Surgery Fellowship as well as a Head and Neck Plastic Surgery Fellowship.

As one of the more difficult and nuanced cosmetic procedures, a wide variety of factors—such as anatomy, skin type, and functional needs—can influence the outcome of rhinoplasty. The art of rhinoplasty requires the skillful and precise alteration of the nose in the context of the individual’s chin, forehead, and overall face size and shape. Rhinoplasty should result in a nose that functions optimally, is perfectly suited to the individual, and leaves no signs of cosmetic surgery. Only a surgeon with meticulous surgical techniques and a keen understanding of facial aesthetics, developed over years of experience, can consistently achieve this outcome.

What to Expect - Consultation

Dr. Madronich and his staff work very closely with patients to find the best solutions for them. During each rhinoplasty consultation, Dr. Madronich will take the time to thoroughly examine your nose both internally and externally, carefully assess your skin and facial features, and ask you detailed questions about your health and medical history. Dr. Madronich will ask about prior injuries to your nose as well as whether you have difficulty breathing through your nose, suffer from allergies or use nasal sprays. This detailed consultation process allows Dr. Madronich to develop a comprehensive surgical plan and give you an accurate assessment of what you can expect from rhinoplasty.

Dr. Madronich and his staff understand that selecting the right surgeon for you is an important and personal decision that should be made without pressure. Consultations with Dr. Madronich allow for ample opportunity to discuss your expectations and goals as well as surgical options, limitations and risks. During your consultation, Dr. Madronich will ensure he fully understands what you hope to achieve through rhinoplasty and will discuss with you how the changes you desire can be made in the context of your facial features and skin type.

Although there is no upper age limit for scheduling a nose job, Dr. Madronich advises his patients to wait until they are at least 16 so that their nose is fully developed before considering undergoing a rhinoplasty.

The fee for a consultation with Dr. Madronich is $100 CAD, which can be applied to the cost of your rhinoplasty surgery, should you decide to proceed.

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All procedures are performed at Mackenzie Health (previously named York Central Hospital) in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Dr. Madronich believes that cosmetic surgeries, like all medical surgeries, should be performed in a hospital. Patient comfort and safety, alongside clinical excellence, are always the highest priorities in Dr. Madronich’s practice. The staff at Mackenzie Health and Madronich Plastic Surgery and Laser, are friendly and understanding professionals, who understand you may be nervous and have questions or concerns. The staff will do their best to alleviate any concerns you have and answer your questions.

In the vast majority of cases, Rhinoplasty is performed under general anaesthesia, though it can sometimes be performed with local anaesthetics and sedation. The procedure typically takes 1 to 2 hours.

Depending on the surgical plan developed during your consultation, Dr. Madronich will make an incision either inside your nose or across your columella—the crease where the nose meets the skin above the upper lip. For most patients, rhinoplasty incisions can be placed inside the nose so that they are hidden from sight. When external incisions are recommended, they are placed in well-hidden areas.

During a rhinoplasty procedure, Dr. Madronich will reshape the cartilage and bone that form the underlying structure of your nose. If your nose is to be augmented, Dr. Madronich may use cartilage from your nose or from another part of the body. Once the new structure of your nose has been perfected, the skin and soft tissues will be re-positioned over the new form of your nose. The end result is a natural looking nose, tailored to your individual face.


Dr. Madronich recommends his patients take a minimum of one week off work following their rhinoplasty procedure. Although certain patients experience some skin numbness following the procedure, it is usually temporary. You should expect bruising, particularly around your eyes, the majority of which will subside within 10-14 days of the procedure. Pain medication is prescribed to make recovery more comfortable. Concealing makeup can be used to cover any residual bruising.

The swelling that occurs after rhinoplasty can last for a number of weeks to months. Subtle changes to the shape of the nose will continue to emerge over several months. In general, this type of residual swelling only affects the nasal tip and is not noticeable to the general public.

The ultimate outcome of any rhinoplasty surgery at Madronich Plastic Surgery and Laser in Toronto is a natural looking nose that is in perfect balance with the rest of your face.

To learn more about rhinoplasty in Vaughan, Richmond Hill, and the Greater Toronto Area, call Madronich Plastic Surgery and Laser at 1-877-508-1148 or contact us to book a consultation.
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